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Thierry Vandebroek

EntreComp Competence Trained

EntreComp Level

Education Level

  • Higher Education
  • Non-Formal Learning

Activity Description

Usually words are not enough to explain and understand entrepreneurial skills. Therefore for young people it’s difficult to understand the concept of EntreComp and what it describes.

  1. You as an educator/lead would film a series of short videos called ”Capsule videos” in which you would explain to the students or non-formal learning students what are the soft skills mentioned in EntreComp within concrete situations and examples. For example, it could be just one competence per video and it should not be longer than 2min.
  2. Another approach would be for the educator/lead to film a video and in it give specific examples for each kind of job sector or competence at each level.

Learn More

More information on how to create “Capsule videos” can be found here: