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Within EntreComp, entrepreneurship as a competence is developed through action by individuals or collective entities to create value for others. The progression in entrepreneurial learning is made up of two aspects:

  1. Developing increasing autonomy and responsibility in acting upon ideas and opportunities to create value;
  2. Developing the capacity to generate value from simple and predictable contexts up to complex, constantly changing environments.

The EntreComp Progression Model provides a reference for the development of proficiency starting from value creation achieved through external support, up to transformative value creation. It consists of four main levels: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Each level is in turn split into two sub-levels. At Foundation level, entrepreneurial value is created with external support. At Intermediate level, entrepreneurial value is created with increasing autonomy. At Advanced level, responsibility to transform ideas into action is developed. At Expert level, the value created has considerable impact in its reference domain.