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How a Creative might use EntreComp

Sam Walker is a 22 year old content creator, YouTuber and blogger. His hobbies are making videos, writing and music. He aims to become a globally recognised musician and content creator without needing a traditional contract. He uses web platforms to distribute his original content. He is responsible for the entire creative cycle from ideas and vision through creation.

Sam is at an advanced level using the EntreComp competences Creativity, Spotting opportunities, Vision, Valuing ideas, Motivation and perseverance, Taking the initiative, and Working with others. He is very collaborative seeking opportunities to work with others regularly. Sam applies the EntreComp competences daily when he develops his online presence alongside his university studies rather than getting a part-time job. He combines creativity with autonomy to create his own revenue streams whilst creating valuable online content. Sam's motto is 'Be your own boss - live your own dream'.