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EntreComp Competence Used

EntreComp Level


How an activist might use EntreComp

Loe is a 30 year old consultant, senior manager, entrepreneur and educator. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the social economy who wants to share competences and values on these. Her motto is to 'Think to the Future, Act to make it Possible'.

Loe uses the EntreComp competences Spotting opportunities, Planning and Management, Ethical and sustainable thinking, and Mobilizing others in her professional life by organising the work for her team, thinking of new opportunities to develop their activities and supporting them in new challenges and thinking outside the box. But Loe also uses the EntreComp competences in her personal life because she is always looking for more things to do and new ideas that make life better. Those new ideas could come from her personal life and move to her professional life but also vice versa.