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Margherita Bacigalupo

EntreComp Competence Used

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How a Researcher might use EntreComp

David is a 41 year old researcher working on machine learning. He loves video games, cinemas and storytelling. His goal is to write great research proposals that are communicating about the value machine learning can bring to education. David believes in the motto: 'why ask yourself if artificial intelligence can do it better'.

David uses EntreComp for writing proposals because he wants to focus on current needs and propose a way to find solutions that could be furthered by technology. He uses the competences to both clarify the information but also to explain how the consortium will be working towards and achieve their vision. He wants the vision to come through clearly in his proposals and takes it seriously to highlight both ethical implications and sustainability aspects. Basically, for him EntreComp is a thinking tool to structure a grant proposal that is clear on the what and how.